Product Manager
گروه شغلی: Tech
موقعیت: Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic
ساعت کاری: part-time
جنسیت: man
Job description

About Heyva

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About Associate Product Manager role:

  • Understand user Data requirements and preferences to create solid use cases of product requirements in Data Product Backlog
  • Agile documentation of requirements, contracts, and Data policies
  • Data analysis and impact analysis of the Data products in terms of defining and calculating measurable metrics via automated dashboards
  • Prepare an end-of-month report showing the status of Data team services and products and their impact
  • Keep track of tasks, take part in meetings, and make sure Requirements are delivered successfully and get approval from stakeholders
  • Collaborate with the product management team, data engineers, and business stakeholders to ensure that our products remain productive
  • Suggest product enhancements based on product discovery items to improve data products and Company data-driven culture in long-term
  • Assist in feature specification and planning the roadmap

About Product Manager and Senior Product Manager role:

  • identify and document the data structure providing service to verticals or business areas
  • Provides an accurate and thorough image of the business areas or verticals delivered to him
  • making sure that the data products are appropriate in terms of long-term data requirement satisfaction and design basics while satisfying the requirements in a timely and correct manner at the same time
  • Providing vision and direction to all stakeholders throughout the Company about Data collection concerns in terms of further possible required analytics
  • Providing vision and direction to all stakeholders throughout the Company about possible Data products
  • Becoming able to lead one single data product from scratch (idea, impact analysis contract, etc till deployment)
  • Helping people to find the best solutions among all services which already created based on the requirements.
  • Monitor the key metrics of a specific product and set a plan to improve.
  • Increase the adaption rate of data products.
  • management skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Project controlling skills
  • English language Fluency
  • Being familiar with reporting and visualization services and tools
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